6 Elements That They have in Common…


Everybody knows these logo’s and I don’t think they need any more explanation. The logos above have become well known brands in their specific industry. Buth what are the six elements that they have in common? Are some of these six elements also part of your company? In my opinion these six elements are the ones they have in common.


I think we all agree on the first one. They are disruptive! Disruptive in a way that they change old fashioned business with completely new models or products. Technology is almost every time the bases on which they built these new models. However changing the marketplace is their signature.


They are fun. In many different ways; they are fun to use, fun to work with, fun to look at and last but not least they are known to make fun within their company as well. It is an important factor of their identity. They love what they do and make fun at the same time.

Fast Growth

The same spirit is seen in all of these companies. They don’t go for profit in the early period. They strive towards growth and to be more specific: Extremely rapid growth and international expansion to be sure that everybody knows them. Profit is second to growth.


Not only their product or service is unique. It is the complete picture and the culture that makes them cool and unique. People want to work for these kinds of companies because of the fact that they are becoming part of something that changes the world in many different ways.

From Zero to billion

The logo’s shown are all companies started in garages or small offices somewhere small. However when they hit the market with their propositions they go sky high. The valuation of these companies can go up to billions of dollars which they get cashed during the IPO’s they go through.


Last but not least is the fact that they are all working with the #1 global Cloud ERP system, NetSuite. Their (international) growth is phenomenal and goes so fast that they have make sure that the foundation is taken care of with an ERP system that can handle it and keeps on handle it.

This article is on personal title and contains my own personal view. It is my opinion and does not contain any connections with corporate statements whatsoever. Please feel free to discuss and add more elements to this page.

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