Disruptive is no longer a buzzword. It is a need nowadays to accelerate en make the difference. Growing fast and bring your business to a new level. A level of innovation that the marketplace sees as differentiator. There are a lot of innovations going on and start up companies grow in fast speed towards global players. But how do you maintain quality and serve your clients in the best way… That is the question you need to answer.

The era we live in is exciting but also challenging. What is the right decision as it comes to selecting a Cloud ERP solution? It is my challenge and passion to help your company and employees answer this question. Together we can go beyond limits to make success ours.

In my personal life I love to watch all the technology developments and see how it can benefit my daily life. Simple projects such as making my house smart with technology and Internet of Things can be considered as an hobby. Also playing with cryptocurrencies and discovering the real value is more than a hobby nowadays.

CloudInspirience is my personal blog on which I publish my vision towards innovation on all different kind of interests. Often these blogs are inspired on the combination of innovation and real life experience.
Within my role at Oracle NetSuite it is my duty to make sure that you will benefit from the newest developments around Cloud ERP. Are you in need of change and ready to be challenged? Let me help you to create value and make your business case steady and profitable. Together we can make the difference. My goal is easy; Fueling Companies To Go Further, Faster.

Feel free to contact me if you want to move the conversation to a whole new level. Hope to speak to you soon!


Rick Buijserd

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