Buying ERP is like shopping for groceries


It is so normal shopping for groceries. Providing the family with food, drinks and other necessities for life. Many of us do this on daily bases to be sure to have fresh products in the refrigerator. Other have a more systematic approach and go to store once a week and buy the groceries for the next week. In my case it is a combination of multiple factors. Once every 3 weeks I order the groceries online and the real fresh products are picked up during the week. However we still use one shop for almost everything. Especially when I order online the one stop shop is easy and those couple extra euros are taken for granted. But how does this work when buying ERP?

Buying ERP in the supermarket

When we go to the supermarket all the products are in place and almost everything is for sale in one shop. When buying your ERP this is often not the case. You have to select multiple shops in order to get basic functionality in you basket. In this era and especially the era of eCommerce this can no longer be the case. Your ERP has to fit the baseline and expand in a continuous way in order to grow with your companies needs. The greatest example is Oracle NetSuite if you ask me. When keep the parallel between shopping for groceries alive you could say that Oracle NetSuite is the right shop at the right place completely filled with all the products you need. If there is a product missing just go online and find one of the partner stores and order there with full guarantee that your products is of the same quality you are used to.

Special Goods

What is a world without exceptions? Of course there are some exceptions when we talk about selecting special needs. You just do not buy your shoes in the supermarket. However the real big stores provide you with the possibility to do so as well. Specific parties provide special needs or solutions. When we talk about software these solutions are common for their niche capacities. Do you shop at the supermarket or do you choose solo providers and try to connect them in a full stack of groceries. The choice is yours…..