Challenges to overcome when implementing ERP Software


After a heavy selection procedure considering your new ERP Solution it is time to start implementing this new ERP Software. Well this is going to be fun and we have great times ahead of us. This is mainly the reaction of companies after selecting and buying a great piece of software. However this is were the hard part comes in. Implementing ERP Software is the hardest component of the whole process. What are the key challenges to overcome when starting such implementation?

Implementing ERP Software

We will come across five components that make the difference between a failure and success. Take them in consideration before starting this project.

  • Corrupt and false data gets into your new ERP Software.
  • Improper training of the users
  • Lack of testing before going live
  • No support from the top management during the project.
  • Running your old and new system at the same time.

These five components are considered a great danger for the success of your project. Just selecting ERP Software is not going to do the trick. The implementation needs to be done by specialist who work closely with your business users. With this in mind you can create a path to a successful implementation, tackling all the challenges along the way. Take your time in a realistic way. Time management is always an interesting sixth component. Being ambitious is no problem, but when implementing these kind of solution be realistic about the timeline.