Your Country is not Enough! Welcome in the world of Software Companies


We all know the famous movies of James Bond. I am not particular a fan of these movies but now and then I enjoy watching them and see James save the world. As an agent of her majesty’s secret service with double 0 status and his license to kill gives us great movies that are watched all across the world. One of the movies is called “The world is not enough” and came out in the year 1999. Of course James saves the world and during the movie he says the words; the world is not enough….

Only recently it came across my watchlist and I had to think about how this related to software companies nowadays. The world might be enough, however your country is not enough and here is why.

Your Country is not enough

Nowadays it is possible to do business on the international market. It aint that complex. Many different webshops already do with the easiness and power of the internet. Of course there is a difference between consumer goods and the business to business market. But as a software company you are able to act as if you are selling a consumer good. The boundaries for your software solution are not here. Of course it is relevant to make the adjustments needed for that particular local market but you are still able to bring you main solutions to different countries in no time. Therefore in my opinion it is ridiculous to just stay in your own country when you are able to extend your reach with millions. It is obvious that your solution needs to be deployed from the internet. This is in order to be scalable and consume growth in a way that your brand is benefitting from it. Why staying in your own country if you can conquer the world.

For sure that you will run into different challenges such as culture clashes or the complexity of local compliance. However there are many other solutions that can help you with these challenges in order to let you focus on the real goal. As a software company you don’t have to ship goods across the globe. You are able to manage multiple countries out of one central location if you want to. The new countries need pioneers to evangelize the solution but in today’s world this is a more and more normal. There is only one credo for software companies if you ask me “Go global or go down.”

Conquer the international marketplaces

So in my opinion as a software company you should use your strengths and possibilities to bring your solution to the international market. The internet has no boundaries and if your solution solves challenges it should be your next step. Increasing your market with potential million or billion users is not just smart but necessary to conquer your place in the international market. So get your license to kill and smash the competition. Your country is not enough but the world is!