Disrupting the world of ERP Software


The world of ERP is often seen as an ancient world dominated by many big vendors. These vendors are companies with a great history and an enormous legacy base. They have been in many mergers and acquisitions in order to maintain and preserve their position in the market. Many multinationals rely on their developments and knowledge to perform their IT strategy. However this is changing as well. Is disrupting one of their key focuses?


However are they still disrupting?

We all know what the new kids on the block or in this term the “disrupters” do to ancient companies. Exactly they are eating the business and margins away. There are many examples to consider. Think about Uber who has disrupted the taxi market and Airbnb has done the same thing to the hotel market.

We have to be honest that besides the fact that they have enormous financial power. The capabilities of these enormous software companies to move around and make fast changes is still difficult. In a world of fast communication and constant movement in business you have to able to adapt to change. Only the software vendors that move fast and deploy fast are capable to do so.

Once they were disruptive but staying this way is the hard part. In the early days they were the innovators, starting the revolution of automating things and tasks. In the world of todays ERP Software there are many new comers in the market all the time. They have specialised in particalur sectors or branches and have the capability to move fast.

Also the term best of breed is considered a more suitable option then ever before. However if we take a real good look at the wishes of clients and prospects they still prefer on source of the truth and preferably in one single application in the cloud.