Dividing your ERP Selection in Phases


Selecting your ERP solution can be an enormous project with all kinds of different aspects to take in count. How do you make sure that you covered all the areas in a structured way? That is the challenge for many companies nowadays. An ERP Selection should not be taken lightly that is for sure. Here are some handy tips in case your company is thinking about a new ERP Solution.

Phase 1. Starting Up
  • What do you want to solve or reach?
  • What people need to be involved?
  • Define your business model
Phase 2. Getting it clear
  • Create a list of Demands versus wishes of all departments
  • Clarify your budget and infrastructure demands
  • Draw your processes into an efficient structure
Phase 3. The ERP pre-selection
  • Search for information on Socials and other media
  • Engage towards the suppliers
  • Make your planning in order to prepare your organization
Phase 4. The ERP Selection
  • Make the long list of suppliers who are able to solve your challenges
  • Let the suppliers tell their story
  • Create a shortlist
Phase 5. Decision Making
  • Visit references
  • Negotiate pricing and contracts

All these phases contribute to a solid process of making the right decision. However the most complex item is to determine to future growth of your company. This is key for making the right decision. Enabling such growth should be your main focus. Many more components can be put in the list of phases if you want to but this is a matter of complexity and necessity.