ERP Solutions Quickscan: Exact


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Who is?

In this quick scan you will find the highlights of the company called Exact Software. Exact offers its Globe Next ERP solution, featuring accounting, inventory management, billing and invoicing, financial reporting, and more.

Their solution is deployed in the cloud and still at some points also on-premise. Exact’s ERP solution works with companies of any size, enhancing visibility and insight into their business processes through a single interface. This ERP solution also notifies users whenever there is an action that needs attention.


Exact about Exact

“Exact Globe Next proves that we know what your challenges are. As such, Exact Globe Next allows you to bring your operation together, replacing islands of information and uniting them into a single, organization-wide system. And it does so with the modular flexibility that adapts to your requirements and grows with you. Working with Exact Globe Next, you’ll be in a position to improve your existing processes. Your company will operate as one, instead of a set of diverse entities.”

Service Management

Exact Service Management provides the insight to empower your service provision, supporting more efficient, customer oriented service delivery


Integrate manufacturing processes with e-manufacturing, e-calculation, e-quality management, e-MRP, and e-realization.

Warehouse Management

Exact Warehouse Management System (e-WMS) automates your physical flow of goods and optimizes your logistical processes. Bottom Line


It is the design of Exact’s ERP system that brings all the aspects of a business operation together. It does this using modular flexibility that adapts to your requirements. The Globe Next ERP solution is an easy to use program designed for companies of all sizes, especially manufacturers that require high standards of government compliance.


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