Growth or Revenue… What is your choice?


If you look at today’s startups and scale-ups there is a lot going on. The world is moving fast and their idea, product or service can be copied fast. Also they have to take everything into count when doing their business. This is not an easy job and I respect those entrepreneurs for their persistence and their vision towards the future. But what happens when they are ready for the next step. Especially at the moment when they get on the radar of big public because of their amazing idea, product or services and also the investors and other parties with money want to get involved.

Choosing your growth or revenue way.

But what do you choose as your path for success? Is this the way towards growth or is this is the way towards direct revenue. The road that I see on daily bases is that the focus is on growth. Expanding fast and preferably global. This is a proven strategy for many companies and this is seen many times before. European companies jump towards the United Kingdom and from there on to the United States.

My experience

In my career I had the opportunity to see and visit many companies who struggle with this move. Mainly the question raised above is the hard one. But the real entrepreneurs choose more than often to grow first and let the revenue come in later. Of course they have to make some money in order to finance their existence but the focus is to conquer the world as fast as possible. Once this footprint is settled they start to make the real money and the investors wants to see the return on investment as well. Is your company able to make these steps as well? Taking risk and go for it are needed qualities to do so.