How “Multi Everything” let’s your Company go Global


Growth, Growth, Growth! This is the best way to start this article I think. Nowadays it is all about growth. Letting your company grow in a fast pace and conquering the world as fast as possible. Don’t think local but global and still act local in every country you enter. Wow that are a lot of words to describe today’s situation but fair enough it is what your customers and potential customers expect.


Going global is not just a thing. Going global is a serious matter for many companies nowadays. Just act on local bases is no longer good enough. The world is within reach and especially when your activities are around solutions and products related to software and services. The internet has opened all these opportunities for your company to expand rapidly. Recently I heard this quote which says it all:

Make something customers love, sell the shit out of it and stay lean while doing so.

This is the spirit that makes the difference between successful start-ups and scale ups and those who are not able to survive. Investments from venture capital and private equity are there to grab and boost the companies to enormous heights.

Multi Everything

To be able to grow global you have to consider multi everything. Expanding to other countries gives your company some challenges in the international financial management area. Just take a look at multi-currency, multi-company, multi lingual and the multi legislation. These components should be taken care of by the ERP Solution that enables your growth and knows what grows means. Make sure that the backbone of your company is solid. This will grow your growth even faster!