How to be different but still the same..


Welcome in the world of start ups! When you read the title of this article I can imagine you have to read it again. Not only because of the contradiction in the sentence but also to understand where this is coming from. Well let me help you out. I am talking about disruptive companies in the start up phase. Companies who changed the way we think, we live and how we act nowadays.

Becoming the same

In so many things they are different from companies in the current economy but in the end they still end up in the same hustle as everybody else when they grow into an international organization. Did I just spoil the title. Maybe I did. However it is fair enough to say that this is true. Look at the challenges of the companies whom went IPO. Now they have shareholders to look after. People from the old economy who influence their businesses. And what about regulations and legislation. These new age companies might have business models which disrupt specific parts of the marketplace and put pressure on legacy firms but still in the outlines they have to adapt to the old age rules of the economy.

Staying different

How do you stay different? It is possible to influence legislation for the better on the long term. However we all know that this is a tough job. Democracy and politics are unpredictable and also filled with people from the old economy who not always like change. Therefore my opinion is to stay independent as possible and do what’s best for your employees, your customers and the world. One of the best practices I heard was a Dutch company who said to their employees to feel free to take holidays whenever they wanted. No such thing as regulations in this area, empower people to make their own choices and give them responsibility. Got to love this move!

To all the companies who are really the changers of today’s and tomorrow’s world. Please stay different only then the world can be changed!

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