How to Disrupt the Disruptor?


When you look at your phone today you see a lot of applications. A phone without applications is like a car without any options. It works but that is all. How did these applications become so important to you and what do they bring to you? Often these applications are created by the disruptor of a certain old economy or market. They transformed the business around food, travel, transportation, vacations and many others into an application reachable on your phone.

Disrupting the Disruptor

Organizations such as Uber, AirBnB, but also are the so called disruptors of the digital age. They changed the way we think, the way we act and the way we use services. With their ideas and business models they were able to change the world and the way we think. The platforms and the internet make it possible to become an disruptor of an old economy. However this is just the beginning. In many ways they are the first but being the first does not mean that you are going be victorious forever. Another example in this case is Nokia who ruled the world of mobile phones once. If you ask the kids today about Nokia, they do not now anything about this company. A disruptor once, but no more.

Disrupting the disruptor is what we see more and more. It is no more than bringing nuance and perfection into an idea that already exists. Great example is Lyft. Lyft is the biggest competitor of Uber today in the USA. They were not the first to combine personal cars and drivers with people who are looking for transportation, but they took all the negative items of Uber and transformed those aspects into their strengths. Of course this sounds quite simple. Just take the greatest ideas around and use the weak point to enable your strengths. How to be different but still the same


In the near future we will see a lot of disrupting of the disruptor. New ideas and initiatives will compete with the “older” solutions. Look today at Deliveroo who is competing heavily with and look at Trivago who is taking a lot of business away from This will keep on coming in many different sectors and markets. If you ask me this is a great thing. It keeps innovation alive and sharp.