It might not be cool what we do!


Lets face it………

Creating apps or solutions that turn the world upside down or solve massive issues that is cool. Developing a cure for a major disease is cool. At least that is what I think is cool……….

But who likes to implement a new ERP? Turn the whole organisation upside down in order to improve processes, efficiency and be more cost efficient at the same time. Or get ready for growth by establishing the right ERP foundation…. It is not necessarily the coolest of sexiest part of the job when you run a business that is able to conquer the world. Who likes ERP? Of course the ERP providers do, the implementing partners do and all the people that are in the business of ERP do. But does it work the same way for the organisation that has to implement such a solution or a new way of working?

Not many c-level members like implementing a new ERP solution, it is just necessary to run the business better, faster and more efficient…

I have been around in the world of ERP and especially CloudERP for a while now. And still most of the implementations and customers that I welcome are solving business challenges with their new ERP and curing pains that have grown into the organisation. Solving business challenges or curing pains is helpful but the real rewards lays in the future value. The value when new markets open up or business models are created with the help of the new ERP.

However there are still not many organizations or c-level members that like implementing a new ERP. Not to mention to fall deeply in love with the solutions that they need to solve their challenges. It is just necessary to run the business better, faster and more efficient. They all know that implementing such a solution is going to disrupt in one way or another the daily business.

Of course it is all to make the future better, more successful and more efficient. The solutions that need to do the job aren’t cool either. They are necessary to run your business properly and future proof but cool, no that is not the case.

Only recently one of my colleagues told me;

I think it is not cool what we do, but we enable our customers to do cool stuff and that is what makes me tic.

And he might right…………………………………………………

What we do might not be cool, ERP is not cool or awesome, the terminology (once created by Gartner) is not cool either. But why do I and many of my colleagues love to work at NetSuite?

What makes you tic?

Of course I cannot speak for my colleagues but I can speak for myself. I can conclude that I do think that the solution that we sell to our customers is more than just cool. It makes me proud and confident to advise any company that is facing challenges as it comes to ERP. However the real cool stuff happens at our customers. In the last years with NetSuite I have seen so many cool customers. And more than once I had the honor to welcome a lot of cool companies to our family. Tis part is indeed the cool part. I enjoy to part of their journey in conquering the world. With our ERP solution we are able to enable our customers to do cool things and that makes us tic.

Want to know what this cool stuff is.. Just check the software companies that went IPO last year. 100% of them make cool products and develop awesome solutions and 90% of them run on NetSuite. Check the Deloitte Fast 50 lists across the globe. Many of them on the list are NetSuite customers and they do cool things. Last but not least, take a look at the hundreds of NGO customers that we have. They do the real cool and important things..

That makes me tic…….What makes you tic?

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