When you know that an Award is useless


No this article has nothing to do with Donald Trump giving this award to the US Marine Corps. On the contrary actually. There is nothing I respect more than people fighting for their country and they deserve to be recognised as often as possible. Well now I have your attention let’s get back to the topic. The moment when you know that an award is useless.

Winning is great!

Everybody loves to get prices and winning awards. Winning is an mentality that most of us have and when you are an entrepreneur it is even part of your DNA. Convincing other people that your service, solution, vision or product is the best there is and winning their trust and their investment. This mindset is great and helps your survive in a competitive environment.

Too Much Award

However lately I see awards everywhere. It could be that my LinkedIn network is filled with winners than I am really happy for them. However this can not be the case. There are way too many award shows nowadays. What is the value of these shows if everybody wins? It feels like the quote from the Olympics:

The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well. by Pierre de Coubertin

The Olympics is the most prestigious tournament around the Globe so that is considered as a fair quote. But all these award shows are not. Awards for fast growing companies, awards for most innovative solution, Awards for just Generating more turn over compared to last year and many more. You name it and it is there. How do you choose the awards you want to participate in?

Choose Wisely

My only advise to scale ups is to choose wisely. You can go for every award you want to go and create exposure. But if you choose only the most prestigious ones you will be remembered. Consider it as the Olympics and all the other tournaments around it. Winning an Olympic Gold Medal will make you a memory, winning some Tournaments around it will not be memorable.