How legacy Software magically turns into a Cloud Solution


As a child we all had our share of magic. Seeing magic in the circus or on the television and it is awesome when you are young. After seeing all this tricks we probably went to the store to buy our own case and perform magic shows for our friends and family. However when you know the secret behind the tricks the interest rate goes down immediately. Well how about telling you about the magical transformation of legacy software into cloud solutions? Does this spoil your appetite for the solutions? Let us find out.

Legacy Software

For many years software is around now. On our daily bases we pretty much use a software applications every minute. However when we look at ERP Solutions then have been around for about 40 years give or take. The solutions were build on techniques far ahead of their time at that moment but in today’s world the solutions are no longer future proof. But these solutions are still representing a big share of the market and a lot of companies are not able to move away because all the efforts and investments made in these solutions. So what is the solutions from these providers? Exactly make it look like cloud but still use the old technique from many years ago.

Magical Transformation to Cloud Solutions

We all know that there is no such thing as magic. You probably liked it when you were a child but when you grew up you learned that magic is only a form of distraction combined with fast movement dressed in a showbiz uniform. When we talk about old legacy systems there is also no such thing as magic. The suppliers dress their solutions up that it looks like a Cloud Solutions but it isn’t. Still the old techniques and engines are used to perform the tasks.

Of course it is your choice to like magic but be aware of the fact that it isn’t real. Especially when we talk about ERP software you should be concerned about the real deal. Old legacy systems with just a showbiz uniform take from the cloud solutions are more dangerous to your company then you could imagine.