Making the decision to go with SaaS Cloud


More than ever companies have to decide in which direction they want to move when they want to add a new application to their landscape. The question is even more important when companies want to move their ERP landscape to another supplier. What are you going to do in this time of fast moving technology trends? SaaS Cloud is one the main choices nowadays. It is no longer interesting to put new applications in a local environment and many suppliers do not even offer this possibility anymore. But why should you make the decision to go with SaaS Cloud?

Which Factors are involved in making the decision for SaaS Cloud?

The decision usually depends multiple aspects. The firs one is of course the importance of cost. The cost driver is of course the most important for many companies. When you are able to cut costs in operations and IT the chance that SaaS Cloud is on your lists is more than understandable. These two components are often seen as the main drivers.

Relying on the expertise of the supplier considering the performance is also a common argument. You do not have to make any investments in backing up and running your applications. The only thing you have to do is run your business and all the others aspects are taken care of.

Any Time, Any Place is a great example of importance as well. People demand companies to facilitate them in working at different places at different times. SaaS Cloud is one of the options when it comes to this point.

Last but not least is of course the benefit of improved productivity. Working more efficient in a environment shared by all your colleagues containing the same information is a great deal maker.

This are just some components of deciding in favor of SaaS Cloud. But there are many more factors to consider. Remember it is always about the business and becoming future proof. Software should enable your company to perform well and that is it.