Old Timers are fun but is Old Timer Software as well?


We all know them. The people in love with old timers and dividing a large amount of their time and money towards this hobby. There is nothing wrong with such a hobby and It is great to see that people really fall in love with these cars. All the sentimental aspects and feelings make this a hobby that gives people shiny eyes. However I have to be straight forward. You do not use this old timer for business purposes right? Why is your company using Old Timer Software for business purposes?

Old Timer Software

Too many companies are still using old timer software to run their business. Of course when we make the comparison there are also people using old timers to drive to their work or using these cars for business purposes but generally people don’t. It is time that your company is aware of the fact that you still drive these old timers for business purposes and this can be fun however also very cost inefficient.


Maintaining old timers is costly and time expensive and let us not even talk about getting the right people and parts together. It is a real hassle to keep this car alive and on the road. In the Netherlands there is a benefit. This benefit is that your car is eliminated from tax regulations after a certain age. This means that your old timer isn’t even good enough to pay tax and that the official life cycle by law is come to an end.

Business Software

In this case I do not talk about the business around old timers. Because this is an enormous business with a gigantic flow of money. But it is the comparison between business cars and old timers. If we look at today’s world old timers are often there as the hobby. Not intended for driving towards work or other business purposes. Let us keep it this way. Enjoy the old timer software as an hobby but make sure that you use the business software that is there to enable your business. Happy driving!