Your Software Choice: “One for all” or “All for one”?


We all have seen the movies about the three musketeers haven’t we? These movies are based on the novel of Alexander Dumas in which he enriches our cultural knowledge about the French monarchy. To be short and clear: It all took place in 17th century in the time of King Louis XIII of France and Cardinal Richelieu. The three musketeers (Aramis, Athos and Porthos) protect the king against the evil plans of the cardinal and his companion Rochefort. Together with the fourth musketeer, D’Artagnan, they succeeded in revealing this evil plan and prevented it from happening. What a great movie script but what has this to do with cloud, software and innovation? It is all about their motto: One for all and All for one. 

 All for one

In these days it is more than often that we see a shattered landscape of applications come by within companies. All these different tools provide a solution for a specific problem or challenge within companies. It is a real collection and in many situations companies do not even know what they have in possession to use. A lot of licenses to kill if you ask me. Doubles in software solutions are a real cost driver. A hidden cost driver but a real cost driver. Resources are flowing away without even knowing where you are paying for. This way of working also called “best of breed” can be very successful. However you have to be aware of buying too much applications and ask yourself is this is really necessary. Or is this something that the “dinosaurs” of technology once aimed for.  All these applications for one purposes. To run the business better and more efficient.

One for all

With the SaaS propositions of most companies nowadays it is not that hard to make choices if you ask me. The question if it should be SaaS is not a real question in this era of technology. However I think that many companies do want back to one solution that provides all. Data integration is one of the most complex things if you are talking about a shattered landscape. Getting back to one source of truth captured in just one solution that fits your purposes in many different areas is getting on track even more. Companies do not want to be harassed by the trouble of integration, online and offline communications. They want a solution that fulfills their needs and is available anywhere and anytime. One for all!