Taking SaaS (Software as as Service) Seriously


Analysts forecast SMB purchases of software products and services will become the largest IT segment by 2020. That sector will reach 38 percent of the market according to the International Data Corporation. Other researches claim that these developments will be in the area of SaaS. Even the shareholders and the stock market expect software vendors to invest in SaaS. This development will enable the small and medium business to benefit in a great deal by using the SaaS model.


Seriously SaaS

The times are changing rapidly and when you are implementing or considering a new implementation of software the question if this should be SaaS or on Premise rises. The choices you have to make for your company are not easy. Enabling your company to grow and gain competitive advantage is of great importance. What choices do you make in order to reach this goal? This is what we call “taking SaaS seriously”. In order to be sustainable and future proof small and medium sized enterprises need to make moves into the cloud. Software as a Service is perfectly fitted for them in order to start and deploy fast without the need of cash flow

The options around Software as a Service are very easy to deploy and do not need high entrance fees. Also the barrier around heavy equipment regarding your IT structure is not there anymore. Any device and anytime is the motto. This makes it easy for a company to step in and use the tooling. It is time to take SaaS more seriously then ever before. I even think that this a mandatory move to be and stay in business in the long term.