The commodity of Cloud Expansion


Is cloud already a commodity? Is this commodity good trustworthy? That are the main questions these days for companies who are in the phase of selecting a new software solution. An general trend is seen for years now when we talk about cloud and cloud expansion. The growth is enormous and if you take a look at the researches from trusted agencies such as Gartner Inc or Forrester we see that this growth will continue for the next couple of years. Cloud expansion is necessary to support business needs in the future.

Cloud Expansion

Companies are discovering that cloud solutions can expand the capabilities of their existing systems with enormous amounts. Today’s cloud-based applications integrated with legacy systems can make the difference. However the ERP systems itself can be cloud as well as we have seen in many developments.

Cloud Expansion on specific areas

In the early days cloud expansion took normally place on different specific areas. Suppliers were able to define a key process an build a solution for it. Just take a look at CRM and the position of Sales Force in this area. Also the examples of expense and finance management, inventory control and human capital management are well known. When incorporated with ERP solutions in these areas, cloud computing can eliminate the need for businesses to purchase extra server/storage hardware.

The crucial question in this case is still if you want to invest in specific areas and build yourself an enormous puzzle or go with one provider for the common processes and only select very specific branch or industry solutions for your needs?

Limitless growth

If you ask me the cloud has limitless options. Besides the fact that there is no need to purchase extra power in the server and storage department. It can also be of great assistance when your company is seeking for efficiency. Cloud expansion gives the opportunity to grow your companies software landscape in an efficient way with the possibility to cut costs on infrastructure and even on staff.