The difference between On Premise, Fake Cloud and Cloud


How to tell the difference between On Premise, Fake Cloud and real Cloud. The word “Cloud” is one with so many different interpretations and for people who are not in the business is it like telling a story in for example French when they don’t speak any French. How are they going to understand what the difference is and what the value is of the different choices are.

Many of us know the difference between on premise – hosted cloud and native cloud. But to be honest I think that they are even more people that do not know the difference. Hopefully this article will help you make things clear. Here are the three different mainstream ways of software solutions nowadays.

They real question is why are so many organisations still sticking to the on premise software. Cloud is everywhere nowadays. It is like keep on using a phone on your desk while you can use all the features and technology from the latest SmartPhone.

Not too long ago well known and prestigious research firm Gartner stated this quote with regards to cloud;

Enterprises have the risk of getting nasty shocks when the thing they thought they were buying turns out to be something altogether different. Hosting and application management are not synonymous with SaaS – Gartner

Good luck with making the right choice for your company, growth plans and people. With the present and future in mind, I think this should not be a really tough one.