The “Grey Hairs” are scared of CloudERP


Before we really go into this article I would like to make sure that everybody knows that I am not discriminating anybody. This article is fully based on my opinion, experience and many conversations I had in the last couple years. Of course not everybody is the same and I apologise to those who feel offended. Thank you for reading this disclaimer and now let’s go for it.


What is CloudERP if you ask me. For many people everything that smells cloud is CloudERP. I do not agree with this statement at all. Hosted solutions, On premise solutions brought to the cloud or legacy solutions with a cloud layer around it to make it look like a CloudERP solution. It is in my opinion all fake and nowhere near the real cloud. CloudERP has in my opinion the following aspects:

  • Versionless
  • Multi-Tenant
  • Built for the internet
  • Flexible
  • Scalable

If your current solution does not have this items in place you should consider the reality of your “CloudERP”.

Grey Hairs

The world of software is not really old when you compare this to for example the profession of building houses or baking bread. However it is world that exists for many decades now. Which means that there are many grey hairs (read: older people) working in the industry who have gained their experience and their key differentiators in an age of legacy software. No wonder that they want to keep this differentiators alive and on their side by praising the power of on premise software. In the last couple years I spoke with many of them and they use the often the argument of safety to deny the power of CloudERP and advise against it. Their scepticism is such a pity if you look at the evolving economies you know that “real” cloud is not the next big thing but it might even be the last big thing.