The NetSuite Wheel of Fortune


No doubt we all seen the program about the Wheel of Fortune in our youth. For those who did not here is a video about it on YouTube. It is about spinning the wheel of fortune, guessing the right words and winning great prices. In the times of television millions of people sat down in front of the television and watched this show.

The people who know me and visit my LinkedIn Profile now and then are familiar with the fact that I recently moved to the organization of Oracle NetSuite. I wrote the article “With my head in the clouds and feet on the ground”   in which I explained why I made this career move. It is my spin on the wheel of fortune this time.

Wheel of Fortune of NetSuite

Well not really a spin on the wheel of fortune if you ask me.  The NetSuite wheel of Fortune is an amazing concept if you look at the world of software solutions. This innovative ERP Solution based in the cloud is opening the doors for many companies to work in the cloud in an innovative solution which enables the growth now and in the future. The one database solution provides many of us with the possibility to work in one environment. With all the necessary features to perform the business the way you should want.


Multi – Multi

NetSuite is well known for the possibilities around multi company, multi lingual and multi currency. Together with the possibilities that are opened up by the one database solution you have the opportunity to accelerate and make your system work you in a way you have never seen before..