The obvious death of on premise ERP Solutions


Death is not always an easy topic to discuss. We all have people around us who passed away in many different ways. It reminds us that we are human and life isn’t forever. It also remembers us of the fact that we should make our lives worthy to the people that matter. Luckily this subject is less heavier than talking about the death of our relatives. It is about a certain death for On Premise ERP solutions.

On Premise ERP solutions

Since the rise of ERP solutions companies have been able to profit from all the benefits. The growth has been enormous over the years. Companies needed to invest in On Premise ERP solutions to stay competitive during that time. This hasn’t changed in this time. It is a fact that ERP solutions enable the companies growth. However the real question is: Do On Premise ERP solutions still enable your growth? If you ask me I have to be honest. In specific circumstances your On Premise ERP solutions will be able to support your growth but you have to be aware of the costs and all the aspects that come with it. My believe is that a complete switch towards Cloud ERP will enable your growth and keep your company focused. You just don’t need people to keep the system running from technical perspective. I am a strong believer in new technologies and when we look at the grow rates of the cloud companies versus the On Premise ERP solutions we do not have to say anything else.

It is Time

It is time that we put the On Premise ERP solutions in the grave. The solutions are outdated and no longer fitted to survive the near future. Even though your company is relying heavily on the On Premise ERP solutions that are around, take some time to investigate the real value versus the costs. And when you do so do not forget to take future value and growth into count. Is your On Premise ERP solution an enablers of growth or is it holding you back?