The Similarity between Apartment buildings and ERP


Draw yourself a picture of the amazing city of New York. For those who come there for their first time it is impressive. The “Big Apple” also called the city that never sleeps is enormous and everybody is in a rush. Many cities are the same but New York is of course known by everybody. So that is why I use this example in this article. When we look at New York it is well known that the prices of houses are really high. Especially when we focus us on the center of the city, Manhattan. Living there will eat the most out of your salary and a garden is not even possible. The apartment buildings are available in different sizes and price categories. However what is the comparison between ERP and apartment buildings?

Apartment Buildings

The apartment buildings are often predefined and well taken care of. You have your own doorman, there is garage for your car and many things are taken care of. This comes all with the “basic” fee you have to pay to live there. Then we have the apartment itself. There are many and in different sizes. Just a normal apartment with the regular livingroom, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and a hallway with a toilet. The basic needs to have a normal life and make sure that you have something called a home were you can live with pleasure. However there is also the possibility to live in the penthouse at the top floor. The same basic needs are there plus some extras such as extra rooms, bathrooms and a terrace.

Cloud ERP Similarity

Cloud ERP is completely the same. The location is amazing and everything is taken care of. The software runs in the cloud and you just have to use it and decorate it in your style. Besides that you can enjoy the benefits and when you grow in your career / business you are able to grow into the penthouse of Cloud ERP as well. You deserve these benefits. What do you think? Is this apartment building something for you?