The six key elements in selecting an ERP Solution


Selecting a great ERP Solution that fits your purposes is always a challenge on its own. Of course there are many companies that can help you with these questions. However this brings a lot of different costs to your company as well. If you want to do this selection on your own it is quite handy to have your checklist prepared. Here are some basic elements that you always have to consider when selecting an ERP Solution.


ERP Solution Elements

An ERP solution should solve your challenges and future challenge. It has no purposes when it creates more challenges to overcome. Therefore it is very important that the ERP Solution of your choice at least has the following elements.

Industry Specific – Make sure that the solution you choose has been built to cater to the needs of your specific industry. Also future moves into other industries should be taken into consideration.

Scalability  – An ERP Solution built on an architecture that facilitates growth will help you manage your future. The less customization a system requires to meet specific needs the better. Stay close to the base.

Functionality – The ERP Solution must have the capabilities to do everything that your business strategy asks. It should be fast, reliable and easy to integrate with your other systems.

Deployment  – On-premise, cloud or hybrid options – combined with mobile access for your employees ensures that your enterprise will remain flexible and responsive.

Ease of Use  An ERP Solution with an intuitive user friendly interface will increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

Implementation – Having an solution that is easy to implement and use is important. Nobody wants to go through a difficult learning process and a implementation that takes years.

These six elements are the baseline of your choice. Take them seriously before making any decisions. Aligning your choice of ERP with your companies future with is crucial. These kind of projects are no joke and you do not want to do is too often.