The World domination of the Platform


In the last couple of years many thing happened in the world of innovation and disruption. Many articles have been posted on several websites to discuss these topics. It is for sure that we recognise innovation a lot faster then ever before and also within a shorter period of time. There is only one main driver for this; the internet. Besides the fact that people’s first needs are considered as food, shelter and water, the internet is in this list the fourth pillar. It is the base of the big technology companies nowadays with world domination. The internet is one big platform for innovation.

The HotShots of the Internet

Since the beginning of the internet many hot shots are born. We cannot deny the power of the internet giants such as Google, YouTube and Facebook. These companies made the internet era to what it is today. But they are absolutely not the only ones. After this first batch of internet giants we can say that there is acceleration in the world. Organizations such as, AirBnB, Spotify, Uber and Twitter deserved their spot on the internet by bringing the power of a platform to the users. The power of a platform is also used by many new and small disruptors bringing their unique idea to the market via the mentality of a platform.


“The Internet can be seen as one big platform for innovation”.

Way of Working with a Platform

When we search for the comparisons between all these organizations we can make the conclusion that there are two main items to consider. First of all the fact that these organizations solve a problem that we all recognise. A problem created from the old world. Innovation is in this case nothing more than solving a simple problem. Often these problems are acknowledged by the owners of the company and combined with their will to solve it new solutions were created.

The second fact is that all these organizations do this from the perspective of a platform. Bringing individuals together and let them exchange goods and services. Think about cars, houses, music, films and many other items. There is a transaction for this exchange and the valuable link in this matter is the platform. The platform enables people and organizations to use each others supply and demand. The most unique part of these organizations that they don’t own a single asset of the supply part. They just facilitate the platform.

Next Big Thing?

“Disrupting the Disruptor” will be the new trend. On every different area there are one or two leading parties. They have conquered the international markets in a fast pace. Competition has almost no chance to evolve and grow into the same size. However these organizations grow big and become real enterprise organisations with all the aspects that belong to enterprises. Complexity and slow moving procedures introducing the official enterprise items. The new generations disruptors will make the difference when it comes to disrupting the new leaders. A great example is Lyft compared to Uber. Their business model is not really different however they dare to make the difference in service and on some other aspects.

“Disrupting the Disruptor” will be the new trend