The devil’s dilemma in unleashing your full potential


Have you ever met such a dilemma? Whatever your choice is going to be it could both be fatal or successful. Many start ups and scale ups I meet in my daily job are in doubt when it comes towards these kinds of dilemma. Should I attract funding or grow organic all by myself?

Sharing Control; the red pill

For the people old enough to remember the movie The Matrix it is kind of choosing between the red pill or the blue pill. It could be a life changing event when an investor knocks on your door and wants to invest in your life’s work. It can give you unlimited potential to scale up and grow faster then you have even thought of. However this also means responsibility. Not only to your customers and employees but also to the new party who brought you this cash to grow. The question is do you want this responsibility on your plate? Do you want to share control? Is this the red pill?

Keeping Control; the blue pill

There is always the option the keep things the way they are. The so called blue pill. You will never know know what happened if you took the investor on board. Your choice is to grow organic and do it only based on your own, your customers and your employees strengths. You keep full control over your company. However is this the way to become even successful as when you took the red pill?


In reality there are no bad choices. In my opinion it shows real entrepreneurial spirit when you dare to take a pill no matter what color it is. For some companies investors are necessary to become global players but not for everybody this is the goal they strive to succeed. Stay loyal to your cause and show true value. Customers and employees will find you and take the pill they want to take…