With my head in the clouds and feet on the ground!


Finally, the first of May 2017! It is time to reveal the big news: I am one of the new employees of Oracle NetSuite in The Netherlands. A couple of weeks ago I landed my dream job at Oracle NetSuite and I am proud of it. It is my move back into the world of software solutions at one of the most innovative companies of this era. Wow! really with my head in the clouds!


Head in the Clouds

The world of ERP and Business Management Solutions is moving fast. Cloud is no longer a luxury it is a necessary to survive. Companies such as your own demand flexible solutions that are capable of handling growth and your future needs. In my discovery around NetSuite I found out that NetSuite is able to deliver on this high demand in a flexible and value adding way. With the support of the big sister Oracle there is no other option. You just want to be part of this winning team and helping companies with their future value.

So as you probably have seen I am (just a little bit) with my head in the clouds. However still with my feet on the ground. Creating value for customers and potential customers is serious business and we cannot do this with our head in the clouds. However your business should be in the cloud in order to becoming sustainable and future proof.



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