Dividing the world in 3 IoT Categories


I already wrote about the possible effects of IoT in our world in the coming years. Of course all the research firms do the same. Gartner has his predictions about the adoption of IoT already published. If I remember well they say that we will have a 30% adoption degree of IoT in our lives and our homes. Besides the fact that there will be an enormous impact on the daily life of people (just read the article “Asking the Google Lady to sing a song“) I believe that IoT can be divided in three IoT categories to become more relevant and clear.

IoT Categories

The world of IoT is enormous and for many of us hard to understand in his full appearance. To get the items straightens out it is helpful to divide them into IoT categories. In my opinion there are three categories that you need to consider.

Consumer IoT

The world of the consumer used to be last in the row as it comes towards development. Consumers are not able to spend enormous amounts of money on new technology. However this changed in the last decade and also in the area of connected devices. When we talk about consumer IoT you should think about phones, smart cars, smart watches, but also home thermometers, smart lightning and smoke detectors.

Commercial IoT

When we talk about commercial IoT we already getting more in the area of business. This one of the IoT categories focuses around inventory control, connected medical devices but also trackers and other components that will help your business run better.

Industrial IoT

Last but not least is most impressive revelation and development around IoT. The industrial IoT is working with IoT for a long time now. It contains aspects such as connected electric meters, pipeline monitors, manufacturing robots, and other types of connected industrial devices and systems that help the process of production. It gives especially the manufactures the possibility to act fast and preventive. For example in machine brake downs or even future machine brake downs.