Writing 100 articles in 100 days


On 16 December 2016 I launched an other website called www.data-management-experts.com. The ultimate possibility for me to express my interest, thoughts and vision on data management and data management related topics. As a professional in the area of data management there are many trends, developments to consider and the source of inspiration is endless. How did I do this?


Feel the Passion

I am convinced that without any passion this accomplishment was impossible to reach. Real passion for the topics and the business affected by these topics is necessary to get inspired and enabling you to write. Be passionate about what you write. Your readers feel it as well.

Personal Related Articles

The best articles are still the ones with a “real” personal touch. Especially topics around personal experiences and family related topics are well read and I have gotten great responses with also a big exposure on LinkedIn. This personal touch gives insight in my life and creates a real connection with the reader

Time Management

In order to write 100 articles you have to be careful and specific with your time. Almost every evening I take the time to write these articles. Also gaining inspiration for new articles and topics is a continuous process. Besides contributing such dedication towards writing these articles I always look for business challenges to translate into the data world. You have be persistence and try to hold your structure together.

Keep searching for creativity

A Little bit of creativity is necessary to come up with 100 articles. Differentiate your angles on business cases or write from your own opinion and vision You will see that you are able to put some extra creativity in the articles. Also aligning some figures, pictures and info graphics helps your creativity. There is also nothing wrong with using input from others experts to enhance your article with extra energy and insights. You are not able to know everything.

Dare to challenge

Articles do not have to be statements. It is impossible to know everything. Therefore use the power of asking. Give readers the possibility to discuss and express their vision and opinion about topics. Challenging topics are interactive and therefore more interesting for others to read as well. It is our job to keep on challenging all the developments and trends in the area of expertise. Only than we can become even better.

Well these are my motivations and vision around writing articles. I hope it will help you if you want to become a writer, blogger or anything else. The most important aspect of all aspect mentioned above is the fact that:YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL. So do not worry or hesitate and do so!